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Head Secretary

Based on the interview results
From 1 years
<p><strong> Responsibilities :</strong> </p>
<li> paperwork, writing and execution of orders for the main activity, control of implementation, keeping minutes of meetings and conferences; </li>
<li> scanning, copying and sending documents; </li>
<li> organization of business correspondence (registration and processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence), business correspondence </li>
<li> sending and receiving letters by mail, fax and email </li>
<li> organization of meetings, receptions, registration and necessary service for clients, partners of the enterprise; </li>
<li> execution of orders of the head; </li>
<li> organizing business trips for employees (tickets, hotels) </li>
<li> maintenance of office life (purchase of tea, coffee, sugar, supply of the company with office supplies, water, refueling of cartridges) </li>
<li> preparation of correspondence for dispatch, distribution and collection of acts of reconciliation with suppliers. </li>
<p><strong>Requirements:</strong> </p>
<li> secondary or higher professional education, work experience from 1 year; </li>
<li> work experience as a secretary of the manager or clerk is required; </li>
<li> excellent knowledge of PC (1C, Word, Excel, Internet); </li>
<li> literate speaking and writing; </li>
<li> knowledge of business etiquette. </li>
<p><strong> Terms :</strong> </p>
<li> official employment, wages 2 times a month (no delays); </li>
<li> five-day working week from 09.00 to 18.00, Saturday, Sunday - days off; </li>
<li> a comfortable working atmosphere. </li>