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Pipeline fittings

Pipeline fittings are pipeline fittings used for smooth transition of the direction and diameter of pipes during installation by welding. The connecting parts of the pipelines are located at the points of branches and bends, as well as at the points of transition of the pipe to a different diameter. Such elements provide reliable operation and tightness of pipes, as well as their durability. Without elbows, tees, transitions, it is impossible to perform any design of the technological system.

The following pipe fittings are distinguished:

  • steeply curved steel bends;
  • steel transitions concentric and eccentric;
  • steel equal and transition tees.

The Ring Billet Plant manufactures pipeline fittings from steel 20 and 09G2S, steel with increased corrosion and cold resistance 20YuCh or 13HFA, alloyed steels 12Kh1M1F or 12Kh18N10T.