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Special products according to customer drawings

Modern manufacturing companies in Russia, in addition to the standard, develop unique oil and gas, chemical equipment or pipeline valves based on research and development work in order to introduce and use highly efficient and low-cost technologies, focusing on the needs of the client, both in serial products and specialized pipeline fittings on an individual order, in particular, shut-off and control and shut-off devices.

As part of such unique equipment, in small series conditions, non-standard components (bodies, flanges, nozzles, caps, fittings, etc.) are used, the design of which differs from those of mass-produced ones and does not allow the use of a standard stamped blank.

The manufacture of such non-standard component parts is a complex technical task that requires experienced specialists, modern progressive technologies for obtaining steel billets, multistage heat treatment, as well as various types of metal-working machines. The production of non-standard equipment is one of the main specializations of the Ring Billet Plant.

Using the accumulated many years of experience in the production of steel ring blanks, our company manufactures and supplies non-standard blanks of the following types of products:

  • body with a strapping column OKO and OKK from steel 40X;
  • BOP body made of 40X steel;
  • valve cover DN 200 made of steel 13XFA;
  • faceplate made of 09G2S steel;
  • thick-walled heat-resistant branch pipe made of steel 15X5M
  • and many other types of products.