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Macro and microstructure research

During the development of the technological process, metallographic studies of the castings of the pilot batch are carried out:

Macro-structural analysis.

The study of the structure of metals and alloys with the naked eye or at low magnification, using a magnifying glass, is carried out after preliminary preparation of the investigated surface (grinding and etching with special reagents). As a result, the following are installed:

  • fracture type (viscous, brittle);
  • size, shape and arrangement of grains and dendrites of cast metal;
  • defects that violate the continuity of the metal (shrinkage porosity, gas bubbles, cavities, cracks);
  • chemical heterogeneity of the metal caused by crystallization processes or created by thermal and chemical-thermal treatment;
  • fibers in deformed metal

Microstructural analysis.

Study of a surface using light microscopes. Microsections are preliminarily prepared (grinding and polishing to a mirror surface). To reveal the microstructure, the surface is etched with reagents depending on the composition of the metal. After preliminary preparation, cracks, non-metallic inclusions, metal structure before and after heat treatment, etc. can be observed on microsections. It is possible to reveal the shape, size and orientation of grains, individual phases and structural components. Magnification - 50 ... 1000 times allows detecting structural elements up to 0.2 microns in size.