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Plant history

The plant of ring blanks was established in 2002 in the city of Omsk and today it is one of the leading enterprises for the production of high-quality steel blanks for various purposes for the production of equipment parts in power, oil and gas, chemical and general industrial engineering.

Since 2002, the plant has produced exclusively annular blanks, specializing in flange blanks up to DN 1200 mm from steels 20, 09G2S, 15X5M and 12X18H10T, blanks for the body and casing nut OKO from 40X steel, as well as blanks for thick-walled steel transitions. The volume of smelting was no more than 960 tons per year.

To date, in 2021, the range of manufactured products has expanded due to the modernization and increase of units of foundry equipment and equipment for heat treatment with water quenching, the development of new types of products and steel grades, the volume of smelting has been increased to 5500 tons per year, the production is equipped with a fleet of metalworking equipment.

The company annually participates in the largest international oil and gas and machine-building exhibitions and forums, the recognition and confidence of the ZKZ brand has increased.

The administration of the plant pays attention to raising the level of qualifications, as well as social security of employees.