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Development of design documentation

Before starting the manufacture of any product or part, it is necessary to prepare a set of working design documentation. Without well-designed drawings, it is impossible to estimate the cost and place an order in production.

The design and technological department of the plant timely and efficiently develops design documentation for products using the latest technical and technological solutions, developments in accordance with the technical specification and established plans.

For each order, drawings are prepared, the technical requirements of the order are assessed, the Customer is provided with a ready-made technical solution for the manufacture of ring blanks and finished products in accordance with the TOR.

Qualified employees of the department take part in laboratory tests of the products under development, participate in the development of proposals on the prospects for the development and directions of new technology, the creation and implementation of new products, if necessary, participate in the work with complaints from the consumer. The analysis of deficiencies allows for the necessary improvements and modernization of the technology.

The functions of the design and technological department of the plant also include:

  • analysis of existing technological processes and their improvement in order to increase labor productivity, improve quality, reduce production costs;
  • control of drawings of parts for manufacturability;
  • development of serial and piece production of new products
  • expansion of the standard-size range of manufactured products
  • development and production of non-standard products
  • organization of control of production processes
  • adjustment of the developed technological processes in connection with changes introduced to the design and technology of products;
  • development of special equipment (tools and fixtures), the need for which is identified during the development of technological processes.