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Steel flanges

A flange is a part of a pipeline, which is a metal ring with holes for fasteners, used to connect pipelines to various vessels and devices, containers, as well as to connect shut-off valves. Flanges are the most common type of fittings in process pipelines that require disassembly, cleaning and repair during operation. The flanges are connected by studs with two nuts and sealed with a metal ring clamped between the flanges. The flanges are grooved to accommodate the O-ring.

There are two types of flanges: Valve flanges and vessel and apparatus flanges. These two types of flanges differ in their intended purpose and field of application.

The first type of flanges is intended mainly for laying, operating, repairing, constructing large and small pipelines, from utility pipelines to main pipelines of pipeline transport.

The second type of flanges is intended for use in the installation, repair, design, and operation of oil distillation columns, heat exchange equipment, and storage tanks.

Fastening of flanges to the connected parts of the pipelines, as a rule, is carried out by welding. After welding, the weld must be heat-treated, since the resulting internal stresses and changes in the crystal lattice must be brought to a normalized state. Otherwise, these adverse factors will adversely affect the performance of flanges and flange connections.

Working medium: steam, water, natural gas, oil products, flange connections for chemically active media, for high pressure pipelines, for high and low operating temperatures.

Transportation of pipeline parts can be carried out by any type of transport in accordance with the transportation rules for this type of transport. Transportation and storage conditions Zh 1 according to GOST 15150-69. For transportation, flanges are packed in containers in accordance with GOST 2991-76 and GOST 10198-78. The packaging protects the flanges from damage during transportation and storage.

Flanges, except for those made of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys, are coated with PVCK grease in accordance with GOST 19537-74 or another grease of appropriate quality. Other methods of surface protection against atmospheric corrosion are permitted.

The period of validity of temporary anti-corrosion protection without re-preservation is 3 years.

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