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Shaped castings

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Shaped casting - the manufacture of products in accordance with a model of various sizes, shapes and spatial configurations - from flat plates to complex elements with cavities, channels, etc.

In metallurgy, shaped casting means a whole group of techniques:

  • injection molding of sand without binders (vacuum film molding, VPF, V-process);
  • gasified casting (LGM);
  • chill casting;
  • investment casting (precision casting);
  • casting into sandy, sandy-clayey molds;
  • shell casting

Technological system of shaped casting

In addition to the differences, in all methods of producing shaped castings, there is a process chain common to all types of casting. The whole process can be represented by the following list:

  • sand preparation;
  • preparation of the core mixture;
  • mold making;
  • making rods;
  • form assembly;
  • metal melting;
  • form fill;
  • removing blanks from the form;
  • thermal or chemical-thermal treatment of the casting (if necessary);
  • machining of the casting (if necessary).

The quality of castings depends on the thoroughness of mold making, the quality of the molding mixtures, the steels used, and the accuracy of all operations in the technological chain.

Shaped castings